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Crystal Heart Pathway Self-Empowerment Workshops

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Crystal Heart Pathways Workshops - Self Love

These are a course of 4 whole day workshops or 8 evening workshops, held in Horning & Thorpe St Andrew, near Norwich. They are designed to empower your being, heal and release the past, enabling you to step into your true authentic self. By learning to love yourself you are able to bring abundance into every aspect of your life, be it work, relationships, health, prosperity and love.

Michelle & I have a passion for everyone to experience the joyfulness & love that their soul wishes for them receive. We feel guided to share our experiences and knowledge in a compassionate and authentic way. So we Have Created Crystal Heart Pathways.

Our on going workshops are developed to help you find your own individual pathway, connecting to your heart. They are designed to bring the best out in you offering multiple tools including the use of crystals, EFT, power stances, meditation and guidance so that you truly love yourself. Setting boundaries and creating healthy relationships, bringing more positivity into your life.

Our own personal development continuously works with the Hermetic Qabalah and esoteric studies. Our lineage comes from the Maitresophical Society and Crystal Dimensions Energy School. We love taking people on this journey to empower themselves; supporting them through depression, anxieties & upsets of the past, to get to the best they can feel at each moment.
  • Workshop 1 "I believe in You" (New dates will be advertised in the Autumn)
    This workshop is of self discovery and reconnecting to the beauty & joy of your soul. Learn about your chakras and how to cleanse them. Use Meditation to connect your Heart and Soul, honouring your being by focusing on releasing and healing the past. Manifest your true desires.
  • Workshop 2 " Bee Yourself"
    This workshop focuses on cleansing and releasing at a very deep level by working with crystals, using Meditation
    and Therapeutic group sessions and Yoga mantras.
  • Workshop 3 "One Moment in Time"
    This workshop will start grounding your highest potential of who you truly are by balancing your energy field and empowering you to take focused action on your life. You will learn to forgive and we will use Kundalini activation and Meditations.
  • Workshop 4 " First love Yourself"
    This workshop is about stepping into your power & letting your soul soar. This journey of the soul will involve meditation with selenite crystals balancing masculine & feminine and finding the power within, and including connecting to your Guardian Angel.
Booking Fee
Each workshop is £60 for the whole day (total of 4 courses) or £20 for the evening (total of 8).

(We require a £40 deposit to secure your place to cover all the workshops. You can send a cheque or use online banking - call 01692 630016 for more information. If you are attending the four whole day workshops £50 is paid for each session. At the eight evening groups £15 is paid.)

You will be provided with your own training manual. Each self-love workshop will naturally flow to the next, we will give you tools to apply each session in your daily lives. This will allow time to integrate the knowledge you have been given & build up relationship within the group.

Bring your own lunch, snacks & refreshments will be provided.

To book please call 01692 630016.

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Nurturing Meditation Groups - £20

These supportive meditation groups are held for 2 hours in the evening, 7-9pm, on a Saturday morning 10:30-12:30 or a Saturday afternoon 2:30 - 4:30.

We gently work through each chakra system, layers in the energy field using crystals to help clients heal themselves at an emotional, mental, spiritual & physical level. A note pad & pen is needed & tools are given for the individual to practice & find out what works best for them. This does require a commitment to the self to allow regular space to heal & move forward to enjoy life in the best way possible.

The sessions are carried out in a relaxed environment with like minded people.

A £35 non-refundable deposit is required to cover a course of 7 meditation groups. £15 is paid on the day.

To book please call 01692 630016.

Healing Touch Crystal Therapy, Holistic Massage and Meditations at Horning near Norwich Norfolk.
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