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Crystal Therapy, EFT, Palm Reading and Soul's Journey

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Crystals assist healing on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level  due to their  mineral similarities. They balance the atomic structure of the human body, with their stable vibrational energy frequencies. Crystal therapy provides the perfect opportunity for soul/spiritual growth. Once the connection with soul is made we are filled  with love, light & a deep sense of inner peace.  

Crystal Therapy starts with a relaxing meditation connecting to the inner self (esoteric awareness). Some Crystals are placed on the body & through the energy field, conducting the light of the soul, focusing energy where it is required. Soul shows the root cause of a problem through a gentle process; sometimes connecting to past lives, or habitual patterns / beliefs from this life time. Once energy blocks are released physical symptoms ease.

Aura cameras have been designed in America by Guy Coggins. They show how crystals work in the energy field. Have a look at www.http://www.auraphoto.com/examples/crystals/


This is an excellent way for clients to be introduced to Crystal therapy who find it difficult to switch their minds off and relax. A 30 minute massage treatment of the person's choice is carried out, to help them relax the mind as well as their physical body. Then half an hour of crystal healing is given to help balance the chakras and if there is time, the energy field.


This is amazing, a much more scientific approach to the old fashioned palm reading. The shape, size, skin texture and other qualities of the hand are studied to ascertain the client's natural gifts and abilities, analysing the print of the palms and the actual hands.

I trained with Johnny Fincham who has done  over 30 years of research on scientific papers, observing everything about the hands, fingers, palms and their prints.

Everybody loves palm reading it is very empowering & uplifting. Fantastic for those of you who feel at a crossroads in life & I have found it has helped young people (over the age of 16) to see what skills they have laying in the palms of their hands.

Palm reading gives everyone the confidence to follow their dreams & enjoy life. It provides a deep insight to others as a well as the self.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique / Havening £30.50

This is a cocktail of therapies using a tapping sequence that works on acupressure points, going into a visualisation whilst saying affirmations to release past upsets & pains. This empowers the client to focus on new situations & thought patterns. This treatment is amazing & extremely powerful.

Havening quickly & effectively gets to the root of a problem. It enables the client to immediately know how they mentally treat themselves & others. EFT is excellent for boosting self confidence &  self esteem. It can easily be used at home. I often use this technique alongside crystal therapy, reflexology & massage.


These meditation are in Horning near Norwich. I take you into a meditation connecting  the personality to the soul of the individual & the group. It creates a strong bond & trusting relationship with the soul; calming the ego centred, worrying, anxious mind. It will bring mental peace.The energy field is balanced with crystals & the higher heart is harmonised. Essential oils are swept around you & a ray of light connected to the qualities of the soul is grounded.

The Soul's Journey Meditation is fantastic to receive when feeling stuck, confused, low in life & when repetitive events, patterns/personalities keep coming along in life.

NB held at solstices & equinoxes

Healing Touch Crystal Therapy, Holistic Massage and Meditations at Horning near Norwich Norfolk.
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