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Reflexology and Massage

My name is Samantha Cullingford. I work from home in the tranquil settings of Horning, Norfolk providing treatments for women. Horning is situated between Wroxham & Ludham near Norwich in Norfolk. Healing Touch Massage 01692 630016.
(Some medical conditions, such as diabetes, may require a doctors written permission before treatments can commence. Please telephone for further information if applicable.)


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Reflexology is an alternating pressure therapy working on the nerve pathways & meridians (energy pathways) of the feet.It balances the systems of the physical body creating a sense of peace, ease & harmony.

Reflexology Fertility Treatment Norfolk:Recent studies have concluded for reflexology to take effect an average of 6 regular treatment sessions is needed & that best results come from both partners receiving reflexology. I carry out a very precise fertility reflexology treatment plan tailored to the female cycle &  natural fertility, IVF, IUI, ICSI or medicated fertility.

Reflexology is also very effective at treating people with IBS, stress related high blood pressure, depression/anxiety, sinus pain, PCOS, fluid retention in the feet.
Hot Stones Reflexology  1 1/2 hrs. Reflexology 1hr.


Massage Norwich Norfolk
Massage is fantastic for mental and physical relaxation, poor blood circulation, softening the skin, soothing the muscles, helping joint mobility and draining any fluid retention. It is also excellent for providing mental well being, easing back pain & headaches.

I often take the client into a meditation on request to help the mind become present & peaceful.
Back Massage - £22.50
Face & Head Massage - £22.50

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Ayurveda is an ancient healing system going back 4,000 years. The ayurvedic view of health is to balance the three subtle forces of life:
  • Physical Body (Kapha):heaviness, earth and water elements.
  • Emotions (Pitta):heat, fire and water elements.
  • Spiritual well being (Vata):dryness, air and ether.
Indian Head Massage is traditionally used to create a bond of love and respect between babies and adult family members, & for the bride and groom before getting married. It promotes relaxation, stamina, psychic strength, health and fertility.

Indian Head Massage greatly reduces headaches/migraines, sinus problems, stress, shoulder and neck tension and depression. Indian Head Massage works very well with Reflexology. It is a wonderful way to be introduced to massage for nervous clients.

Healing Touch Crystal Therapy, Holistic Massage and Meditations at Horning near Norwich Norfolk.
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