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Reiki Healing and Training



Reiki is a Japanese word which means "Universal Life Force". It is a non invasive hands on treatment. Reiki flows through the energy field & the physical body whilst the client is taken into a meditation to help them relax.Reiki calms the mind, easing the body, creating space to allow a process to unravel & be released in a gentle manner. Then physical symptoms ease.

Regular reiki sessions connect the personality to soul, by opening the heart so that self-love can unfold.

Reiki promotes well being, vitality, creativity, self awareness and focus. It dramatically reduces stress and is an excellent treatment to compliment all other massage therapies, crystal therapy, reflexology & counselling.


I am a reiki master offering Reiki Training at Horning, Norwich, Norfolk & certificates for all levels of Reiki training. Reiki is part of an on-going spiritual journey. I blend my current knowledge about the energy field & crystals within this training, as I wish to share my own discoveries with others.

Reiki I

The first level of Reiki is all about you. This is a one day workshop healing the self, which is extremely important in this Aquarian Age. It shows the therapist how the mind, body & emotions resonate with each other. Reiki I really helps you to nurture and heal the self so that you can be the most clear and vibrant channel for the soul and those around you.
Reiki I Training Includes:
  • The Origins of Reiki
  • Detailed information on the 7 main chakras of the energy field
  • The structure of the energy field
  • Working with the Moon Cycles
  • Soul Meditation
  • Reiki hand positions
Degree 1- Reiki I attunement £60

Reiki II

After at least 21 days of carrying out Reiki on the self, Reiki II can be applied.
This will enable you to use ancient Sanskrit symbols for hands on healing & distant healing.This one day course enables you to work with clients as well as the self through the use of symbols.
It is at this level of training that some people find their intuition is greatly heightened & issues of the past may surface, to be released.
Reiki II Training:
  • Meditation with your Guides
  • The Symbols
  • Shekinah Dove
  • Working with Crystals in the subtle bodies
  • Distant Healing
  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology
Degree 2 - Reiki II attunement £75

I have broken down the last part of Reiki training into two segments for those who wish to teach & those who do not. Reiki III requires four training days in total (two days for each part). Reiki Masters up to 3 days of training.

Reiki III: part A

If you work with the tools from previous training this will be over 2 days(£40 a day).I like to go with the flow of the group/individual. The vastest amount of crystal knowledge is passed on here.
This includes:
  • Working with the Aquarian Age
  • Cleansing Violet Flame The Ascension process
  • The Masters of the 7 Rays
  • Deeper Healing Sessions
  • Meditation with Master Crystals
  • Crystal work in the energy field
Reiki Degree 3 Part A £80

Reiki III: part B

Receiving the 4th symbol & working at a higher level with the etheric web.
This Includes:
  • Reiki III attunement
  • The Master Symbol
  • Clearing Etheric Web
Reiki Degree 3 Part B £80

Becoming a Reiki Master

Learning how to attune others to reiki, 5th symbol ( up to 3 days)
  • Questionnaire
  • Master Attunement
  • Circuit of Ki
  • Attunement Symbol
  • Attunement Process
  • Vortexes & Earth Star Chakra
  • Metatron's Cube
  • Energising Etheric Web
Reiki Masters £150

Reiki I attunement £60
Reiki II attunement £75
Reiki III part A £80
Reiki III part B £80
Reiki Masters £150

For dates please visit the What's On page Reiki Training Norfolk  Dates are made when enquiries are received so that a convenient time can be found for those interested in Reiki training. Group size is a maximum of 4.

To book please contact Samantha for Reiki training at Horning, Norwich, Norfolk.

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