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Waxing and Threading Treatments

leg waxing


Spring is coming, & so is the time to start waxing unwanted hair growth so that you can have super smooth legs for the summer. Getting the hair growth cycle sorted out now will give your legs & armpits maximum air time in the sunshine.
Waxing is a fabulous way to remove unwanted eyebrow & body hair. Once the hair has been waxed at the first stage of hair growth it weakens, becoming sparse & soft.

After a hunt to find the best Brazilian wax in the industry I now wax with clean & easy aloe vera. This hot wax removes very sparse & thick hair & is kind to the skin.

I keep the calm ambience of the salon whilst providing clean, precise waxing for women in Horning Norwich Norfolk.

Sun Holidays: Ideally hair should be waxed 4-6 weeks before the holiday and then a couple of days before you go away. This will ensure you have silky smooth legs for your entire break.

Eyebrows - £7.50
Lip - £6.50
Lip & Chin - £14.50
Under Arms - £8.50
Bikini Line - £8.50
High Bikini Line - £16
Brazilian / Hollywood - £23.50
Bikini & Full Leg - £23.50
Full Leg - £20
3/4 Leg - £17.50
1/2 Leg - £15.50
Forearm - £14


Threading comes from the east & now us Norfolk girls can receive the benefits of threading hair removal! Threading gently removes unwanted facial hair. For some reason it lasts 1 week longer than waxing the face & is kinder to the skin. Threading reduces the chances of stimulating hair growth on the face, it usually reduces hair growth & makes it much finer!

Eyebrows - £9
Lip - £8
Chin - £8
Lip & chin - £14
Sides of lips & top of chin £6
Sides of face - £13
Full face - £25

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