Healing Touch healing therapies for women, waxing, reflexology & beauty treatments

Welcome to Healing Touch.  I am Samantha Cullingford & I provide holistic therapies & meditation groups from my home in the tranquil location of Horning, near Norwich, in Norfolk.

My aim is to help empower women to lead happy, fulfilling lives and I have found one of the easiest ways to start this process is by taking the individual through guided meditation alongside a treatment.

I create Nurturing Meditation Groups with my colleague Michelle Williamson that are carried out monthly,  on a week day & Saturday.

In this beautiful setting, I offer Crystal healing therapy & Reiki; along with other holistic treatments including Energy Healing Therapy ( mixture of Havening, EFT, Meditation ) & Chirology (hand analysis/palm reading).

I also offer beauty treatments including Waxing , Threading & Facials using Tropic Skincare  & tanning treatments.



For an appointment please call 01692 630016 or email.


Reflexology  promotes a feeling of peace, relaxation and well-being for mind, body and spirit, creating a wonderful sense of harmony within the body.

Facials with Tropic Skincare will give your skin a beautiful, healthy glow. They provide amazing results helping to heal acne skin, eczema & psoriasis. The products used are Vegan & PETA approved & give real visible skincare results.

Waxing is excellent for removing unwanted hair growth. I use hot wax for Brazilian waxing, which is brilliant for sensitive areas. Autumn is a really good time to start your waxing routine as the hairs will become finer & its easier to allow for hair growth in the colder months. Waxing is a much easier way to manage unwanted hair growth.

Waxing gives a much smoother finish. Waxing also leaves you hair free for longer.

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Crystal Therapy and Reiki both balance the Chakra system and energy field through guided meditation. If meditation is not for you, then a hand analysis / palm reading will clearly show the qualities of your true self.

Energy Healing Therapy  (mixture of EFT, meditation & Havening) is an extremely powerful tool to dramatically shift traumatising & old behaviour patterns that can create anxiety & depression. Many of my clients & I have had incredible results from this therapy.

All of the therapies I offer, I have personally found very powerful when going through grief / bereavement. They are very good at helping people release fears, anxiety & feelings of depression & being overwhelmed.

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Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3 & Reiki Masters level training.

Monthly Nurturing Meditation Groups.

Introduction to Crystals Workshop.

Self Development Workshops.

Chakra & energy field workshops.

Goddess Retreats.

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Open Monday to Saturday, late night  Friday.



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