Healing Touch

Offering heart centred wellbeing therapies, reiki, crystal therapy, energy healing treatments & workshops for women & children

Welcome to Healing Touch,  I am Samantha Cullingford.

I provide holistic healing therapies, meditation groups, beauty treatments, reiki training & kids relaxation. These treatments & workshops, are available for women & children. Held from Horning, Norfolk. They include reiki, reflexology, crystals therapy, the gateway technique, palm reading, spiritual life coaching, relaxation facials, waxing & more.

Guided meditation can be purchased here

I have recently had a baby so I am just working on Saturdays from May. Pease book appointments in advance to avoid disappointment.

Healing anxiety & stress

The therapies I offer are very effective. They support women, children & teens to expand the experience of living happy, fulfilling lives.

During a treatment session  I work from the energy of the heart. As we connect to that energy of higher love, healing takes place. So we can start to gently process & heal feelings of stress, depression & anxiety.

Therefore have a look at all different therapies on offer for you or your child. Then see which one you are drawn to. You can make an appointment here

Workshops & Classes

You will find a variety of workshops, classes & meditation groups which you can discover more about in the headings below.

Here is the lovely Laney sharing how the therapies & treatments I offer have helped her.



During a reflexology session, you will feel a sense of peace. Reflexology is very relaxing. And promotes well-being. This is great for the mind, body and spirit. Therefore creating a wonderful sense of harmony within the body.


Whilst using Tropic Skincare, I carry out a deeply relaxing facial. As a result your skin will have a beautiful, healthy glow. Subsequently, Tropic Skincare gives amazing results helping to heal the skin. 


Wish to remove unwanted hair growth? I use hot wax for Brazilian waxing, which is brilliant for sensitive areas. Therefore, if you would like to have smoother skin  for longer, & sparse hair growth, waxing is the answer. You can book an appointment here

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Crystal Therapy and Reiki

These energy healing therapies balance the Chakra system and energy field. I incorporate guided meditation into these treatments.


Hand Analysis (palm reading)

Hand analysis – if meditation is not for you, then a hand analysis / palm reading may be. This will clearly show the qualities of your true self.


The Gateway Technique

The Gateway Technique is extremely powerful. Therefore you will find it strongly relieves feelings of anxiety & depression.  Above all, It dramatically shifts traumatic & old behaviour patterns. 

As a result of this many of my clients & I have, had incredible healing from this therapy.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Are you already on your spiritually conscious journey? Do you struggle staying focused with creative endeavours at work, in the home or in your daily self care practise?

Maybe you need someone to hold  space as you process repetitive patterns that life is bringing?

Click here to discover how spiritual life coaching can help you.

Personal note

All of the therapies I offer, I have personally found very powerful. Especially  when going through grief / bereavement. Therefore they are very good at helping people release fears, anxiety & feelings of depression & being overwhelmed.

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Open Monday to Saturday, late night  Friday.


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