Welcome Springtime 

Hi everyone Spring is finally upon us – woo hoo!

There’s a lot happening over the next few months – I’m starting a new relaxation group in Norwich with a long time friend & colleague Victoria Dewey. We’re working together again, offering really simple, gentle, relaxation classes in Norwich. Our aim is to help those of you that are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, worry, fear, hormonal issues, postnatal etc, to start a practise that will gently, over time, calm the mind, soothe the emotions & ease the hormones of stress.  We decided to provide these simple meditation / relaxation classes, as we are both aware of how people around us have been struggling. There’s so much going on in the world right now . We ourselves know how a gentle practise of self care  & support, can greatly uplift the being & realign you with the kindness, care, fun & love in your heart. To find out more you can click here


Paulina & I also have our Spring Equinox meditation & sound Friday 20th March 7pm. As soon as we confirm the venue (hopefully tomorrow) I shall add it to this blog & the workshops page (find this at the bottom of the page).

Michelle & I are also venturing out into Norwich at No.8 offering our Introduction to Crystals workshop. We’re really excited to share more dates for workshops this year & we shall be creating some new courses throughout 2020.

All four of us (Paulina, Michelle, Victoria & I) are embarking on a new adventure at the end of April which we will start talking about soon.

I finally feel after what seems to have been a long winter of healing, shifting & raising vibration that everything is coming together & there is excitement in the air. I’ve got back into the practise of thank you walks which I love.

Remember everyone to quote Dr Joe “wherever you place your attention your energy will follow”. If you need some extra support right now have a browse through the therapies page & see if anything calls you.

Sending you all lots of love,


Valentines Day is coming …

As the nights start to draw out the hope of Spring is fast approaching, flowers are budding & love is in the air.

Whether you choose to celebrate Valentines or Galentines day (celebration with your close friends, 13th February), romance is in the air.  Now may be the time to give yourself some self love with a relaxing massage or facial, nourishing the skin & soothing the body. 

We can forget how nice it is to receive a treatment &  a massage or facial is always a thoughtful gift (Special Offer face, neck & arm massage £25).

The idea of Jack Valentine leaving a gift at the door, without us knowing who sent it, is apparently an old Norfolk tradition. Its connected to the celebration of Spring & the matching of men & women in partnership.

So if you feel in need of a little self love / self care treat yourself this Valentines, you’re worth it!


Community & Communication                                                                   

As we have gone through Christmas to New Year It’s become really apparent to me how keeping in touch with your community, whether its family or friends, is an important element to our own wellbeing.

Winter & all of it’s festivities, is a time of celebration. It also takes us into the darkest point of the year & we can really feel it. Keeping in touch with our community & expressing ourselves, helps to uplift our energies. Sharing any grief, fears & concerns really does start to unburden weighted shoulders.

Whilst we do need to carry out our own inner work, we don’t have to be alone. Working & having other people’s company, does wonders for our self esteem & sense of belonging. Humans can work very well together when they have found their tribe & create amazing projects. New & wonderful ideas are formed that have a knock on effect further afield. This is after all what the Aquarian age is about – finding balance & harmony; working with the higher mind to support the earth & all it’s inhabitants.

So this year as well as the regular nurturing meditation groups, I am now working with Paulina Jones, offering ½ day, monthly workshops & solstice / equinox meditation & sound evenings. You will find dates on my Workshops page

There will also be four dates within this year, where my Reiki team & I are going to be offering 20 minute sessions of Reiki; for people in need, who are going through emotional, mental or physical upset. Those people that you know, who really have no awareness of energy healing, who you think “ a little bit of healing may help them”. We will have a donations pot & decide on a cause that we would like to support for the year. To see when the first date is, keep an eye on my Workshops page & Facebook page.

I hope you’ve had a peaceful Yule

 Happy New Year.

Hello Moon                                                                         

The full moon energy is always interesting. I never go out of my way to look up what the planets & moon are doing; & I certainly don’t make decisions based on them. However, whenever a repetitive cyclic pattern pops up that has the potential to put me off centre, it seems to come round a couple of days before the full moon.  It always amazes me how my experiences synchronise with the moon!

Whatever it is that the full moon magnifies in life, it brings the opportunity to go deep within & do some extra fine tuning. I usually use meditation & crystal therapy (with either Michelle https://www.facebook.com/michelle.williamsoncrystalharmony/ or Sadie https://www.facebook.com/Amethyst-Moon-Energy-Therapies-106338084080246/) for extra support if needed. When something brings out a huge emotional upset I go to Paulina https://www.paulinajones.co.uk/  for a mixed session of havening, EFT, & whatever intuitive creation she has up her sleeve. Finding what works for you will greatly help to get you through stressful, traumatic situations.

It can be very empowering to work with the qualities of each moon cycle, helping us to focus on creative endeavours & using them as a mantra up to the next cycle. This moon is a particularly powerful one giving us the opportunity to raise our mental focus up to the creative dreams held within our hearts. Having a clear, focused mind is key to manifestation & keeping that connection, as best we can in the heart centre; trusting our inner guidance.

Years ago women had red tents (which are now on the rise again). The ladies that were having cycles would often ovulate around the full moon together; & menstruate on a dark moon. The “Queens” & “Crones” provided a supportive space, offering their wisdom & love at what can be, the delicate time of a cycle.

Full moon energy can really bring forward our creative gifts & talents. It’s wonderful for working on manifestations.

So if you feel guided, you can take this time to prepare for the next full moon.

If you wish to join our monthly full moon nurturing group click on this link https://www.healingtouchnorfolk.co.uk/therapies/

Wishing you great abundance & Full Moon Blessings

Hi everyone welcome to my first blog -eek!

This is a whole new experience for me, however, I’ve felt really guided to do one. It’s often scary starting something new, however, as Dr Joe Dispenza would say we have to go into the unknown to receive the new.

I thought it would be nice to start by having a chat about the chakras. Chakras are centres of energy directly connected to our hormonal glands & our autonomic nervous system (the parts in our body that automatically work for us without thinking about it, like our heart).

When they are flowing in harmony (it took me five years to really start stabilising my root  & sacral chakras) then we feel safe, supported, healthy, creative & focused.

I’ve had such an amazing journey as I’ve worked on healing my energy with the support of other therapists including Michelle (who I’ve co-created the chakras workshops with). It’s amazing how everything synchronises at the right time & stories are reflected through the chakras.

If chakras are something that you feel you’re interested in, come along to our Introduction to chakras workshop (scroll to the bottom of the page for more details) on Friday 6th December 10am at Healing Touch in Horning.

To book your space you can contact me on 07748842211 or message me from my contacts page.

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