Calmer Kids Norfolk

Meditation & Mindful Practises

Do you have a child or children suffering with stress, anxiety or depression? 

Is your child struggling coping with bereavement or loss? 

I offer one to one sessions for children of all abilities & ages. This includes autism & ADHD.

So in these sessions I will intuitively work with your child utilising all the training from Connected Kids. During the session I will share with your child meditation & mindful practises that they can use at home. And I make sure they are practises they enjoy!

As the parent or guardian, you will also need to be happy in using a self-care practise for you. This is important because as you probably already know, children learn how to deal with & respond to situations from the people they spend the most time with. And I feel it’s important to nurture the adult as well as the child.

Consequently the mindful & meditation activities will help your family unit as a whole to manage all the situations that life throws.

Treatment investment firstly includes a phone call consultation, the treatment itself & then the follow up call.

1/2 hour treatment £25

45 minutes £32.50

1hr plus, £40

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Treatment sessions can be via video call


Group sessions of 4 ( 2 adults 2 children or 4 children) 

1/2 hour £5 each

1 hour £10 each