Palm Reading / Hand Analysis

This form of palm reading is called Chirology. During a hand analysis prints of the palms & fingers are taken. Then the palm reading takes place. 

Firstly,  the prints clearly show the qualities that are in the hands.

This then reveals everything that suits the mind, body & emotions. 

And so, palm readings offers a very tangible way of seeing strengths & that which needs working on. By the end of a session you should feel empowered & hopefully uplifted.

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The Gateway Technique

This is an accredited new therapy developed by Paulina Jones.

It is a very powerful & intuitive healing process combining different therapies. During the Gateway Technique I tune in to your energy. Initially, we will start to break down the neural pathways of the brain with various techniques. In turn, this starts releasing the memories & hormones of stress & trauma. 

I strongly suggest to keep a whole day free for this therapy. The energetic process is like running a marathon. Paulina advises that it’s the equivalent to a years counselling. Gateway Technique can be used for people going through bereavement & grief, stress & anxiety & any type of repetitive traumatic experience. To conclude, it will help to release emotional memories from the past.

And so the investment for this session covers 2 hours worth of treatment. Anything after is the time I offer you. I trust that soul guides us during these sessions. Expect to be with me for 2 1/2 to 4 hours in total, from start to finish.

To conclude; get ready to release the past & come back to the truth in your heart.

Healing Touch The Gateway Technique £90 book here

Connected Soul & Expansion Group

An individual has many layers to the energy field. These layers hold emotional memories of the soul’s past & present experiences. This can be held in cells of the body like a veil of stuck energy memory. In turn this can block clear communication between the personality & soul. 

So to cleanse the veil of communication & memory around the cells, the Evolved Soul Healing Technique is carried out. During this process the chakras & energy field are aligned. And then a doorway to the higher self is opened which grounds & magnifies the soul’s connection. Subsequently the soul’s gifts & talents pour forward & healing takes place.

The Masters of the 7 Rays

Some people may be aware of the Masters of the 7 rays of light (depending on the focus of the spiritual journey). Everybody’s soul is connected to one of these rays which hold certain creative qualities. To finish with these attributes are integrated into the energy filed to seal the healing process.

 Connected Soul Expansion groups are held at solstice & equinox.

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Reiki healing is the ancient life force energy of the universe. During a reiki healing the energy field & chakras are brought back into harmony. Reiki treatments are a process of healing. It can take you into past life healing if needed. And it can heal current ongoing situations within & around you. During the treatment the chakras will become balanced. By the end of the healing a sense of relaxation should be felt. After the healing give the body & mind time to process the energy.

Therefore Reiki is fantastic for all physical, emotional & mental conditions. It is a very gentle therapy.

I am a reiki master which means I can train others in Reiki healing. If you’re drawn to practise reiki click here for information on training.

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Full Moon & New Moon Meditations

So we are now starting to work with the natural flow of the moon cycles. Therefore there are going to be two moon meditation groups. One will be working with the Full Moon & will be for two hours. The other a New Moon group & will last for one hour.

Therefore giving the option to experience one or both meditations in the moon cycle.

New Moon Meditation £7.50 Friday 12th March

Full Moon Meditation £10 space free  Saturday 27t February 10:30am

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This is a video of my client Megan. Megan is talking about her experiences with Crystal therapy.

Healing Touch testimonial 

Crystal Therapy 


During a crystal therapy treatment the chakras & energy field are brought into balance. 

At the start of the treatment you are gently guided into your heart centre & connected to soul. And soul intuitively guides the healing process. The crystals conduct the soul’s focus & as the healing takes place, the body relaxes. This is when the physical body starts to harmonise.

Crystal therapy expanding your spiritual awareness

I love carrying out a crystal therapy because each treatment is unique. As we work through the layers of the energy field any past life or present life patterns are healed & released. At the end of the treatment a record of the session is given including guidance from soul. Moreover you will feel much more relaxed, centred & connected to the truth of your heart.

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