Chirology / Palm Reading (Hand Analysis)

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Offer ends 15th February 2021

This is amazing, a much more scientific approach to the old fashioned palm reading. The shape, size, skin texture and other qualities of the hand are studied to ascertain the client’s natural gifts and abilities, analysing the print of the palm and the actual hand.

Palm reading highlights the cause of reactions to certain situations, people, environments and food. It enables individuals to understand other personalities within their work, family and social lives. Palm reading / chirology often confirms client’s natural intuition.

I trained with Johnny Fincham who has done over 30 years of research on scientific papers, observing everything about the hands, fingers, palms and prints.

The aim of Palm Reading / Chirology is to empower people with confidence to carry out what they have always wanted to do in life.

Palm Reading  £50.00

Hand Analysis Packages

Once you’ve received a hand reading you now have the opportunity to remember your session with some framed art work of either your prints or the Tree of Life.  This will give you a permanent keepsake of your hand analysis.

After we’ve recorded the session on your phone, in strictest confidentiality, I will help you to send the recording straight over to Laney Farley from Feather Blessings Art . She uses they key points of the transcript & applies it to your own unique piece of art work which will be framed & posted to you. 


1)Your Life Through Your Hands

(normally £125 – Special Offer  £90)

After your palm reading Laney will create your bespoke piece of art work that is reflective of all the attributes & meanings behind the lines, prints & shapes of your fingers & palms. This is a fantastic way to remember your hand reading session incorporating your hand prints into the art work. 


2) Hand Analysis with The  Tree of Life

(Normally £170 – Special Offer £130)

This is an alternative way to have a visual recording of your hand reading session, through the Tree Of Life artwork. This will reflect the key qualities discovered in your hand reading.

All art work is signed & framed by Laney Farley from Feather Blessings Art –


Crystal Therapy

I love working with clients during a crystal therapy session. Crystals assist healing on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level due to their mineral properties. They balance the atomic structure of the human body, with their stable vibrational energy frequencies. Crystal Therapy provides the perfect opportunity for soul/spiritual growth to fill us with love, light & inner peace.

Crystal Therapy starts with a relaxing meditation connecting to the inner self (esoteric awareness). Crystals are placed on the body & through the energy field, conducting the light of the soul, focusing energy wherever it is required. Soul shows the root cause of a problem through a gentle process; sometimes connecting to past lives or habitual patterns / beliefs from this life time. Once energy blocks are released physical symptoms are eased.

With each Crystal therapy information is written for you to take home & process. Usually on going practise of self care is also offered.

Aura cameras have been designed in America by Guy Coggins. They show how crystals work in the energy field. Have a look at

Crystal Therapy: £40.00


This is my client Megan sharing how crystal therapy helped her.

Spiritual Life Coaching

When it was first suggested to me that I should train as a Spiritual Life Coach I didn’t know what it meant at all – I was told I naturally do it all the time. Lock down gave me the opportunity to explore & study this.

Now I understand why.

I love supporting people to reach their dreams & heart’s desires. I love the creativity of it & seeing people achieve their potential.

So you could think of me as a Spiritual Soul Nurturer – for it is the calling of the soul, it’s true gifts & talents that ingnite the heart’s desire.

With these sessions we can explore that which you wish to evolve within you, heal if need be & step into, to manifest these aspirations.

If I say so myself I am very good at helping people integrate their focus into their daily living, in digestible & enjoyable practises of self care & creativity. And if you are someone who needs a gentle nudge during this process I will be there – holding the space or reminding you in a proactive manner of your set intention & creative endeavour.

My heartfelt wish is to empower you with accepting & being in love with your true being & life itself, in a heart centred process.

If these words are resonating with you, if you feel stuck in a rut, then you can contact me here & we can have a chat & see if Spiritual Life Coaching is the right approach for you.

Half Hour Introductory session FREE!

Spiritual Life Coaching £55

Soul Journey Meditation

This meditation group takes you into a relaxing visualisation connecting the soul of the individual & the group. It creates a strong bond and trusting relationship with the soul; calming the ego centred, worrying, anxious mind. It will bring mental peace. The energy field is balanced with crystals & the higher heart is harmonised. Essential oils are swept around you. Then a ray of light connected to the qualities of the ascended masters,  is grounded through your energy system, healing old behavioural patterns which could have affected your physical, emotional or mental wellbeing.

Through guidance, true gifts and talents (acquired over many lifetimes) are brought forward. The Soul’s Journey is fantastic to receive when feeling stuck, confused, and low in life & when repetitive events, patterns or personalities keep returning. Releasing these old vibrational frequencies creates space for newer, higher vibrational energy filled with love.

Meditation session: £15.00

 Dates to be confirmed

Full Moon Nurturing Meditation Groups

3These monthly meditation groups provide a supportive environment to help the individual in daily living.  We work on the chakras and energy field, flowing with the focus of the full moon Goddess energies. Taking everyone through gentle guided meditation (no previous experience is needed).This enables the individual to utilise this for healing the self & empowering  their creative endeavours & relationship with their inner & outer world.  These groups start to install a sense of mindfulness, centredness, peace & it helps to embrace the shadow self (that which has been hidden) & fill it with love.

Thursday 2nd December & Saturday 4th December 10:30 am

You can join through a video call or come along with a chair in the garden . Contact me on 01692 630016 or via my contacts page  to book a space.

Meditation  Group: £10.00


Reiki is a Japanese word which means “Universal Life Force”. It is a non-invasive hands on treatment. Reiki flows into the energy field into the physical body.

Reiki promotes well-being, vitality, creativity, self-awareness, self-esteem, empowerment, self-worth, & focus. It dramatically reduces stress, anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts, panic attacks & worry. Reiki is an excellent treatment to compliment all other nurturing therapies. I blend some coaching in with these sessions to help continue the effects of reiki, so that this wonderful energy can gently start to be integrated into daily living. The reiki session provides a space for the individual to centre & align with their inner guidance system, connecting to the power of love.

Have a look at our workshops here…

Reiki Treatment £40.00


The Gateway Technique

This therapy can be carried out via Whatsapp or another type of video call.

This is a blend of the treatment therapies that Paulina Jones has intuitively expanded over the years & shared with me. It includes tapping sequences that work on acupressure points , intuitive visualisation,   balancing the energy field with crystals, releasing that which has been causing great upset in your life.

This is an extremely powerful therapy & everyone is always amazed at how quickly it gets to the root of a problem, instantly relieving traumatic, stressful, situations; low mood, sadness & loneliness, depression & anxiety. It immediately highlights how the mind perceives the self & others. It starts to rewire the brain, breaking down the old neural pathways connected to the hormones of stress, upset & anxiety.

Developed by Paulina Jones, it is excellent for boosting self-confidence, self- esteem & self-worth & when the body is in fight flight mode.

I usually offer an ongoing practise to promote daily self care to maintain this equilibrium.

I have found this treatment to be instantly effective. You need to be ready & wanting to shift the old emotional attachment to the trauma of the past – if you need to go over your experiences of the past & deeply analyse them, this is not the treatment for you. This is about releasing the old & bringing your awareness into the present moment & that which you wish to feel & be. It will completely clear the mind – i think  of it like taking an old disc out of the computer & waiting for a new easier disc of thought to come be downloaded.

You are going to have a massive shift in one session & be prepared to be with me for 2 to 3 hours. Paulina teaches that this really is the equivalent to a years counselling I recommend you keep the rest of the dayclear after this treatment as it’s a bit like running a marathan. You need time to eat, rest & be.

We can do this one to one via a video call or in the treatment room.

The Gateway Technique: £90.00


Personal Meditation

This is a one to one meditation treatment to help you relax the mind & start to relieve anxiety & stress.

Meditation Session £40