Healing Touch Waxing & Threading


If you feel you need some support with everything that is going on at the moment, I can now offer guided meditations, healing, gateway technique  & support for children & teens. Contact me here to find out more information.

Waxing is a fabulous form of hair removal for the eyebrows & body. Once the hair has been waxed at the first stage of hair growth, it weakens. This makes the hairs become very sparse & much thinner.

If you are going on a sun holiday it is a good idea to have waxing done 4-6 weeks before you go away, then a couple of days before the holiday. This will ensure all the hairs are removed leaving you with silky smooth legs that will last for your entire break.

Really thick, strong hairs are best treated with waxing. 

If you have hair growth on the face, threading is gentler for the skin & tends to last a week longer than waxing.

To keep everything super duper clean there is no double dipping of the waxing spatula.



Waxing Threading
Eye brows £10.50 Eye brows £12.50
Lip £10.50 Lip £11.50
Chin £9.50 Sides of lip £7.00
Lip & chin £13.00 Sides of lip & top of chin £10.50
Under arm £11.50 Chin £11.50
Bikini line £11.50 Lip & chin £17.00
High Bikini line £17.00 Sides of face £17.00
Brazilian £27.50 Full face £28.50
Bikini & full leg £27.50
Full leg £23.50
3/4 leg £20.50
1/2 leg £19.00
Arms £17.00





Healing Touch Reflexology

Reflexology is an alternating pressure therapy running along the nerve pathways & meridians of the feet. It balances the systems of the physical body creating a sense of peace, ease & harmony.

Reflexology is also very effective at treating people with IBS, stress related high blood pressure, fertility, depression/anxiety, sinus pain, PCOS, insomnia, fluid retention in the feet .

Fertility Treatment: Recent studies have concluded for reflexology to take effect an average of 6 regular treatment sessions is needed & that best results come from both partners receiving reflexology. Specific treatment plans are used depending on where a female is in her cycle, if the couple are trying natural fertility, IVF, IUI, ICSI or medicated fertility.

Reflexology Treatment: £40 

Healing Touch Reflexology at Horning, Norwich, Norfolk – call 01692 630016

Tropic Skincare

Tropic Skincare is a multi award winning, PETA approved, Vegan, carbon neutral range, created by Susan Ma & supported by Lord Alan Sugar. The products are freshly made in the Surrey kitchens. Tropic contains 100% naturally derived ingredients. This skincare is tailor-made, full of nourishing, tropical, plant extracts to suit all complexions; harmonising the skin so that you feel fresh faced & rejuvenated. Best of all they smell amazing! To find out more visit my webshop here


Healing Touch Deep Relaxation Facial

This is a beautiful, relaxing, luxurious facial that feels like a head to toe experience. It removes dead skin cells, it nourishes, heals & revitalises the face; with a delicious blend of fruit and plant extracts that effectively work on the skin. You will  also receive a pressure point massage on the face, a face & neck massage & a hand & foot massage; as well as a cleanse, tone, & face mask.

It’s taken me many years of trying different professional skin care ranges, to discover products that show amazing, visible results. These products that I have discovered were Tropic. 

They are excellent for treating many skin conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis & hyper sensitive skin types. 

Facial treatment: £50.00


I also offer Tropic Skin Care facial & pamper get togethers in the comfort of your own home. I love sharing the experience of my own results with Tropic as well as with others; & the amazing results that everyone experiences with their own skin.  There is a delicious tropical smell that is carried through the entire range and will leave your skin silky smooth. It is a 100% naturally derived pure range created by Susie Ma and co-owned by Lord Alan Sugar. Hostesses receive a free facial & 15% worth of total sales from the event in free products (that’s usually a minimum of £37.50)!  These relaxing get togethers can be held at your home or mine.