Nurturing Moon Meditation Group £10


Thursdays  starting at 10:30 am:    29th October, 3rd December.

Saturdays starting at 10:30 am: 14th November, 5th December 2nd January. Click here for more information about this guided meditation group.

All of these are now available through a video call on Messenger or up to 5 people in the house, socially distanced. Contact me on 01692 630016 or here to book a space..


Relaxation Classes £10

Currently run via a video call – Special Offer £7.50

Time out to relax,  just for you.

Starting 7pm

Fri 23rd Oct

Fri 6th Nov

Fri 20th Nov

Fri 4th Dec

Fri 18th Dec

1 hour of rest to unwind.

Learning how to ease your mind & body. For those of you that are anxious, stressed, have trouble sleeping & can’t calm the mind.
Starting a practise to bring peace & harmony to your daily living.
All classes held via Messenger video call from the comfort of your own home.
Or Samantha at 07748842211 contact here

Crystals Heart Pathways:

Self Development Workshops

I facilitate these with Michelle Williamson. Working with the beautiful energies of the Divine feminine by connecting to our own inner Goddess energy. They gently release old past traumas & habitual patterns that no longer serve who you truly are. They are very good for supporting the healing process of anxiety, trauma, depression, bereavement, shock & a busy worrying mind. They also expand awareness of soul & support those of you already on a spiritual self-development path. We  work with & cleanse the energy field & chakras, bring clarity & harmony to the mind, body & emotions; creating mindful awareness & ultimately bringing forward your joyful, abundant self.  So that you can start to experience the best of you.

We use meditations, havening, crystals, power stances & more; in a safe & friendly environment. Our aim is to support women, helping them stand in their true power & joy, with confidence & peace; and to continuously nurture the self. 

These are very small groups of upto 4 people & you do need to  experience all of them, as you are supporting each other as well as the self. Also one workshop leads onto the next.

A £40 deposit is required to secure your place, £50 paid on each day. Start 10 am- 4pm 

Workshop 1 I Believe in You :  Discover, mediation, connecting to soul. Focusing on healing & releasing the past.

Workshop 2 Bee Yourself : We now start to deeply cleanse & release extremely old patterns of habits, beliefs & upsets, using mantras, crystals, through the support of the group

Workshop 3 One Moment in Time: Balancing the energy field, we start to ground & focus soul’ higher potentials of experience. Working on forgiveness, using Kundalini activation &  meditation.

Workshop 4 F.L.Y First Love Yourself: Stepping into your true power allows the soul to soar. Working with crystals & Guardian Angel energy.

 Workshops £70 each (dates for 2020 coming soon)

Reiki Training

All of the Reiki workshops start at 10am & usually finish at about 4pm.

I  take a £30 deposit. 

If you had reiki training years ago & feel like you need a refresher you are very welcome to  join a training day or have a refresher with me one to one. Please bring your reiki certificates. You will not need to receive an attunement as this is already in your system, however I will offer you a new manual. Please contact me for more information.

All of the Reiki workshops start at 10am & usually finish at about 4pm.

(bring your own lunch, snacks are provided)

Reiki I

 New Dates Coming Soon

The first level of Reiki is all about you. This is a one day work shop is healing the self which is extremely important in this Aquarian age. It shows the therapist how the mind, body & emotions resonate with each other. Reiki 1 really helps you to nurture and heal the self so that you can be the most clear and vibrant channel for the soul and those around you. Reiki I Training includes:

  • The Origins of Reiki
  • Detailed information on the 7 main chakras of the energy field
  • Basic anatomy & physiology
  • Working with the Moon Cycles
  • Soul Meditation
  • Reiki hand positions

Degree 1 £90.00 Then a minimum of 21 days of self healing & care needs to be allowed after this course, so that you can really nurture your own balancing process.

Reiki II

Saturday 21st November 2020

After at least 21 days of carrying out Reiki on the self, Reiki II can be applied. This will enable you to use ancient Sanskrit symbols for hands on healing & distant healing. This one day course enables you to work with clients as well as the self through the use of reiki symbols. It is at this level of training that some people find their intuition is greatly heightened & issues of the past may surface, to be released. Reiki II Training includes:

  • Meditation with your Guides
  • The Symbols
  • Shekinah Dove
  • Working with Crystals in the subtle bodies
  • Distant Healing
  • The subtle bodies & etheric web

Degree 2 £90.00

Reiki III

New Dates when there is demand for it

You will need to attend all three classes to qualify for your Reiki 3!

I have broken down the last part of Reiki training into two segments for those who wish to teach & those who do not. Reiki III requires two & a half to three training days in total.

This is a 3 day course in total.  The vastest amount of crystal knowledge is passed onto  you for the first two days you in this section of training. This includes:

  • Working with the Aquarian age
  • The Masters of the 7 Rays
  • Deeper Healing Sessions
  • Meditation with Master Crystals
  • Crystal work in the energy field

Day 3 of Reiki III

Receiving the 4th symbol & working with the etheric web.  This involves:

  • Reiki III Attunement
  • The Master Symbol
  • Master Crystals

Reiki III £270 (£90 a day)

Reiki Masters

Dates for Reiki Masters will be confirmed when there is a demand in 2020

Learn how to attune others to Reiki. You will also get the opportunity to join a support group to help with the formulation of training manuals & so that reiki can keep evolving This 5th symbol course last 2  1/2 days in total and includes:

  • Questionnaire
  • Master Attunement
  • Circuit of Ki
  • Attunement Symbol
  • Attunement Process
  • Vortexes & Earth Star Chakra
  • Metatron’s Cube
  • Energising Etheric

Reiki Masters £245.00

Crystal Heart Pathways: Introduction to Crystals


New dates to confirm 

This one day course will give you an insight into how to work with crystals in your energy field & chakras. We will be sharing with you the different ways to cleanse & connect with the crystals,  the types of crystals that are available & the energetic meanings of the chakras. A training manual & beautiful personal set of crystals are provided. Please bring your own lunch. £20 deposit required to secure your place  please contact myself or Michelle.  


One day workshop: £70.00

Discover the Chakras

This one day workshop is for those of you who are interested in or have heard about the chakras / energy centres & would like to learn more. We go into the qualities that vibrate through each centre, how you can start to bring them into balance & harmony; having an immediate effect on your autonomic nervous system & then your hormonal system, so that the hormones of stress start to lower & the hormones of repair & harmony elevate. 


Discover the Chakras £50

Energy Medicine of the Divine

New Dates coming soon

Paulina Jones & I will be holding a 3 hour workshop taking you on a journey deep into the heart. Starting at 10am – 1pm (9:45 arrival).

With this workshop we are journeying through the layers of the heart, giving you time to connect to the numerous qualities that lie deep within the heart. We will be doing energy centre dancing , self care treatment &  meditation. Please bring yoga mats, blankets, pillows, lilos & whatever keeps you comfy. 

Our aim is to give you 3 hours of bliss helping to connect you to the divine within you.

 £10 deposit ( non-refundable). New dates coming soon.

Contact Paulina  07776402176 or Samantha Cullingford  07748842211 to book your place as space is limited.

Energy Medicine of the Divine £40.

Summer  Solstice Meditation & Sound Bath

 A beautiful evening of sound & meditation. Date to be confirmed once social distancing stops.

  Venue at Healing Touch.  Call Samantha on 07748842211 or go to the contacts page

Paulina on 07776402176 to book your space & pay £5 deposit. We look forward to seeing you. 

Summer Solstice & Meditation with Sound 

Connecting to the Goddess within

New Dates Coming Soon 

10am  £60 ( £20 deposit to secure place) 

(video call optional)
We will be working with the archetypes of the goddess, tuning in to our divine feminine.
The goddess teaches us that through the rawness, the dark, the shadows, these can all be transmuted into the light.
She reconnects you to your true essence and awakens you from a deep sleep.
She can help you find your gifts and talents to lead you into a more balanced and peaceful life.
She doesn’t suffer fools gladly and teaches healthy boundaries and protection of one’s energies.
Awaken your own inner Goddess for we are all a divine spark of her.
Just in time for the spring solstice (Maiden Energy), where the earth comes back to life from a deep winter sleep.
Limited Spaces
Connect to the Goddess within £60