Reiki Training

All of the Reiki workshops start at 10:30am & usually finish at about 4pm.

£30 deposit. 

If you had reiki training years ago & feel like you need a refresher you are very welcome to  join a training day.  Or you can have a refresher with me one to one. Please bring your reiki certificates. You will not need to receive an attunement as this is already in your system. However, I will offer you a new manual. Please contact me for more information.

With reiki & the attunement days, you have opportunity to tune into the heart & become consciously aware of what is innate in all of us. The heart naturally will harmonise & the mind, body & being drawing in that universal energy. This is now called heart coherence in modern terms. These workshops are part of personal spiritual development & give you a much deeper understanding of the energy field, chakras & much more. Spiritual development was a huge part of Usui Mikao’s training & devoted students trained with him indefinitely.

If you are at the start of your spiritual journey & have not got a meditation practise then I ask that you join a coupe of guided moon meditation groups.


(bring your own lunch, snacks are provided)

Reiki I

25th January 2024 

10:30am – 4pm

The first level of Reiki is all about you. This is a one day work shop is healing the self which is extremely important in this Aquarian age. Firstly, it shows the therapist how the mind, body & emotions resonate with each other. Moreover, Reiki 1 really helps to nurture and heal the self . And then as this takes place, becoming the most clear and vibrant channel for the soul and those around you. 

So Reiki I Training includes:

  • The Origins of Reiki & indepth lineage
  • Detailed information on the 7 main chakras of the energy field
  • Basic anatomy & physiology
  • Working with the Moon Cycles
  • Soul Meditation
  • Reiki hand positions
  • Your lineage from Mikao Usui to present day

Degree 1 £110 Then a minimum of 21 days of self healing & care needs to be allowed after this course, so that you can really nurture your own balancing process. Book here

Reiki 2

10:30am – 4pm & 2nd day 10 – 1pm.
After at least 21 days of carrying out Reiki on the self, Reiki II can be applied. This will enable you to use ancient Sanskrit symbols for hands on healing & distant healing. The symbols help you to tune into the feeling & energy to help create harmony.

So this one course enables you to work with clients as well as the self through the use of reiki symbols. And at this level of training some people find their intuition is greatly heightened. Consequently, issues of the past may surface, to be released.

Reiki II Training includes:

  • Meditation with your Guides
  • The Symbols
  • Shekinah Dove
  • Working with Crystals in the subtle bodies
  • Distant Healing
  • The subtle bodies & etheric web

Reiki 2 £160.00 book here

Reiki III

Training dates created when there is demand.

All starting 10:30am – 4 pm

You will need to attend all three classes to qualify for your Reiki 3!

I have broken down the last part of Reiki training into two segments. So Reiki III is for those who those who do not wish to teach & will still have an expanded knowledge. In time, as your confidence grows, you may eventually feel guided to take your Masters & teach.

Reiki III requires two & a half to three training days in total.

In total this is a 3 day course.  Therefore the vastest amount of crystal knowledge is passed onto  you for the first two days you in this section of training. This includes:

Days 1 & 2 of Reiki III


  • Working with the Aquarian age
  • Deeper Healing Sessions
  • Meditation with Master Crystals
  • Crystal work in the energy field

Day 3 of Reiki III

Lastly, on the third day you will receive the 4th symbol. Then you will be working with the etheric web. 

Day 3 involves:

  • Reiki III Attunement
  • The Master Symbol
  • Master Crystals                                                                                                                             
  • Reiki III £300 (£100 a day) Book here

Reiki Masters

30th January, 27th February & 19th March

Learn how to attune others to Reiki. You will also get the opportunity to join a support group for Reiki Masters. This will help you with the formulation of training manuals . Moreover, reiki can keep evolving.

This 5th symbol course last 2  1/2 days in total and includes:

  • Questionnaire
  • Master Attunement
  • Circuit of Ki
  • Attunement Symbol
  • Attunement Process
  • Vortexes & Earth Star Chakra
  • Metatron’s Cube
  • Energising  the Etheric

Reiki Masters £250.00  Book here

Relaxation Classes £10

To be returned

To purchase a guided meditation click here

Time out to relax,  just for you.

1 hour of rest to unwind.

Learning how to ease the mind & body. For those of that are anxious, stressed, have trouble sleeping & can’t calm the mind.
Starting a practise to bring peace & harmony by the end of the relaxation class & to daily living.
All classes held via Messenger video call from the comfort of your own home.


Message Samantha  07748842211 or contact here

The Reiki Portal

Justeene Eke & I have created some programs on a Facebook page called The Reiki Portal, working with therapists who have trained at any level in Reiki & for those of you who are new to reiki.


How the heck do I meditate?


New dates coming  ( can be viewed on group at any time)

One of our programs introduces a variety of forms of meditation practises that individuals can discover to hep promote wellbeing & peace. This lasts for 8 consecutive weeks on a private Facebook group.
Each week we explain the practise, it’s origins & share a simple version of the practise. The following week we see how everyone has got on with the form of meditation that we shared the week before & elaborate on it.
By the end of this workshop individuals will start to have an idea about which forms of meditation & mindfulness resonate with them. The mind will be able to focus more easily the energy of the heart will start to expand.

Click here to book your space

How the Heck do I meditate? £80 for 8 weeks

The Reiki Portal 12 week Program

New dates in the autumn

For Reiki students of any level.
This is a more in-depth workshop taking a deeper look at how we can change our perspective. It expands the energy of the heart chakra. We work through a variety of practises deepening our understanding of the chakras. Subsequently we take you on a journey to continuously expand the magnetic energy of the heart.

Click here to book a space.

The Reiki Portal 12 week Program £120 


Crystals Heart Pathways:

Self Development Workshops

I facilitate these with Michelle Williamson. Working with the beautiful energies of the Divine feminine. We do this by connecting you to your own inner Goddess energy.

So these workshops gently release old past traumas & habitual patterns that no longer serve who you truly are. Therefore they are very good for supporting the healing process.

Subsequently, during this course old feelings will be released. These include anxiety, trauma, depression, bereavement, shock. They will start to ease a busy, worrying mind.

These self development work shops also expand awareness of soul. And they support those that are already on a spiritual self-development path.

Self care

During these classes we cleanse the energy field & chakras. As you bring clarity & harmony to the mind, body & emotions, you will feel more easeful. And this ultimately brings forward the joyful, abundant self.  So that you can start to experience the best of you.

What happens during these workshops?…..

During these workshops we use meditations, tapping, crystals, power stances. We provide a safe & friendly environment. Our aim is to support women. So we help women stand in their true power & joy. In addition you will start to feel a sense of confidence & peace; and wish to continuously nurture the self.

Because of the nature of the self development  process, the groups are very small. And you do need to  experience all of them.  So you are supporting each other as well as the self. Also one workshop leads onto the next.

A £40 deposit is required to secure your place, £60 paid on each day. Start 10 am- 4pm

Workshop 1 I Believe in You :  Firstly, you will Discover meditation & connecting to soul. Focusing on healing & releasing the past.

Workshop 2 Bee Yourself : We now start to deeply cleanse & release extremely old patterns of habits. Including old beliefs & upsets from the past. To do this we use mantras & crystals, with the support of the group.

Workshop 3 One Moment in Time: Thirdly we start balancing the energy field, we start to ground & focus soul’s higher potentials of experience. Working on forgiveness, using Kundalini activation &  meditation.

Workshop 4 F.L.Y First Love Yourself: Finally, this last workshop is about stepping into your true power. This will allow the soul to soar. We will be working with crystals & Guardian Angel energy.

 Self Development Workshops £70 each book here

Connecting to the Goddess within

New Dates Coming Soon 

10am  £60 ( £20 deposit to secure place) 

(video call optional)
We will be working with the archetypes of the goddess, tuning in to our divine feminine.
The goddess teaches us that through the rawness, the dark, the shadows. Then these can all be transmuted into the light.
She reconnects you to your true essence and awakens you from a deep sleep.
Therefore she can help you find your gifts and talents to lead you into a more balanced and peaceful life.
She doesn’t suffer fools gladly and teaches healthy boundaries and protection of one’s energies.
Awaken your own inner Goddess for we are all a divine spark of her.

Limited Spaces
Connect to the Goddess within £60  Book here

Crystal Heart Pathways: Introduction to Crystals



This one day course will give you an insight into how to work with crystals in your energy field & chakras. We will be sharing with you the different ways to cleanse & connect with the crystals. And then we share the types of crystals that are available. Finishing with the energetic meanings of the chakras & a meditation.

A training manual & beautiful personal set of crystals are provided. Please bring your own lunch.

£20 deposit required to secure your place  please contact myself or Michelle.  


One day workshop: £70.00 Book here

Discover the Chakras

Two day workshop

This two day workshop is for those of you who are interested in or have heard about the chakras / energy centres & would like to learn more. To start with, we go into the qualities that vibrate through each centre. Then we discuss how you can start to bring them into balance & harmony. You will discover how the cleansing of the chakras  has an immediate effect on your autonomic nervous system. Subsequently this then harmonises your hormonal system. Moreover, the hormones of stress start to lower & the hormones of repair & harmony elevate. This chakra workshop can really start to expand your awareness of energy. (held online or in person)

£20 deposit pay £40 on each day


Discover the Chakras £55 a day Book here

Solstice Moon Meditation 

Incorporating the soul journey work. 

Call Samantha on 07748842211

Pay £5 deposit to book your space. We look forward to seeing you. 

Solstice Moon Meditation £15



Private Kids / Teens  Meditation & Mindfulness Classes £10 each

Set up your own private session with 4 children / 2 adults 2 children. Enjoy meditation / mindfulness with friends / family & book a time that suits you for your own personal sessions.

These sessions offer practices to help children & teens cope as we come out of lock down. They will help to create new routines as we all reconnect with society.
The different tools I offer will help to manage times of stress, anxiety & upset. And they will be nice, enjoyable, tailor made sessions to release any excess energy & relax.